As a benefit of your Maintenance Agreement, we will provide A/C clean and check in the spring, furnace clean and check in the fall and

two additional visits between each clean and check for filter changes only. The following steps will be performed as well as items may be

unique to a particular unit:

• Check air filter (clean or replace as needed)

• Check blower motor and lubricate

• Check and clean heat exchanger

• Check and clean burners

• Clean electronic ignition (if applicable)

• Check compressor amp draw

• Remove dirt and debris from coils

• Check refrigerant level

• Check full operation of furnace and A/C and inspecting control sequence of operation

• Check and clean blower assembly

• Change thermocouple if applicable

• Check high temperature limit controls

• Check for correct draft of exhaust flue

• Check and lubricate fan bearings

• Check and clean drain holes of obstructions

• Clean electrical components

As an added bonus of our Maintenance Agreement, this program also puts you on a "priority list" for equipment breakdown calls. 

Contract obligation is for one year.